General Biomass


General Biomass Company is a United States-based corporation developing cellulosic technology to convert non-food raw materials to sugars for production of green renewable chemicals, bioplastics, and cellulosic biofuels. General Biomass technology enables production of a wide variety of enzymes for industrial and medical biotech applications.

We use advanced biotechnology to develop custom biomass deconstruction enzymes. Each nonfood biomass feedstock is different: old newspapers require different enzymes than sugar cane bagasse, old palm trees or beetle-killed pine. We use a deep knowledge of
biomass structure and sophisticated genomics tools to find the right enzymes for each feedstock, and produce them efficiently for
R&D, pilot plant and commercial scale processing.  Our enzymes also have medical applications in biosensors, biofuel cells, and antibacterial polymers.

Our next generation enzymes and technology will enable mass production of low cost nonfood biomass sugars as commodities shipped in rail cars to serve the green chemical and bioplastics markets and replace sugar from corn. See our recent interview on Il Bioeconomista.

Biomass Sugars - A New Commodity

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